Stray Bullets

This is a spoken word piece so it may appear unstructured but it is designed to be preformed. This poem sheds light on three types of youth issues; school violence, dating violence, and cyber bullying. Taking its audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions cumulating in a call to action, urging people to speak out against violence.

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin noone has the power to hurt you like your friends (singing)
This is a true story
It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.....
Meet Jonny who is always on time
He walks with head hung down and shoes untied
Head phones stuck permanently in ears to hide
The fact that he can hear
Every mean name that they call him,
it seems like the whole world is aware of the fact that he is.....
is the last word you would use to describe
see, she is miss popular
charming and beautiful
dutiful/ girlfriend
to the coolest /boy in school
who wouldn't want to be them? most people say they're The real life Barbie and
the wiz kid sits on the bathroom toilet
willing himself to remember the one thing he actually wants to know
maybe he should've paid more attention when his dad tried to show
him how to tie those knots
no wonder he forgot
His dad intended To make him a boy scot but He hated being outside
After all There wasn't anything out there he couldn't learn online
Kept it inside didn't tell no one else, didn't even want to admit it to yourself (singing)
Ken wishes it didn't have to be this way
He thrived in the computer world, now he was afraid
To log on-- unsure of what words of hate
Would greet him next
What used to be His personal domain
Became the ultimate source of pain
Hate flooded his e-mail
Students left a steady trail
Of un-repeatable words on his facebook wall
Last week he closed down his twitter account.... too painful to read It all
He never thought He'd feel trapped in the world wide web
Maybe he was just as queer as they said
Ken twists the rope between his sweaty hands
And places it around neck
Wondering how long would take before the rope would become tight enough to end his
Is perfect for Melissa or at least thats what everyone thinks
But they don't see
what lies beneath
the make up on her face
painted on like war paint
evidence of the battle she fought last night
but every couple fights right?
She wears layers of clothes
To hide her black and blue decorated skin
He's mad again – she can tell because in anger his bright eyes go dim
Maybe she spoke to Abram too long
or maybe she shouldn't have laughed at Julies song
She gets a text
Already Terrified of what will happen next
It says "meet me by the stairs"
God-only knows what nightmare awaits her there
In public her boyfriend is soo affectionate, who could tell she cringes in fear every time he lifts up HIS
Were tightly gripped
Around the gun in his pocket
Jonny had suffered through high school long enough
Bullys and bystandards were all going to see how tough
he really was
Exposing his gun he commits his soul to the one up above
He wasn't a bad guy, God must sorely know that he is just tired
Noone had a chance to run before the first shot was fired
One shot to your heart without breaking your skin noone has the power to hurt you like your fair...(singing)
Their stories reach us like stray bullets
ricocheting off our conscious
the impact leaves scars
that are etched into our hearts like tattoos
So I write
Knowing that poems
Aren't bullet proof
but they're proof
that despite all the wrong we are still willing to write
I fully come to terms with the fact that
Paper and pen are no match for gun and fist
But Gods if words formed the world then
Maybe mine can help change it
He said let there be light
But Tonight
Let there be life
I speak these spoken words
Hoping that these nouns and verbs
might make a difference
we won't worry about want makes us different
just as long as we can speak because
Never solved anything
So let's decide not to engage in the lowest form of communication
Instead use our intelligence to rock this nation
Remember change begins with you
I said Change begins with you-th
And if there's anyone who doesn't want our voices to be heard
We won't reach them with bullets
But with the words that ricochet off this mic, hitting them where it hurts.

Artist: Kanisha Charles
Age: 12-16