From The Outside Looking In – 'Two of the Same'

The inspiration behind our poem was a popular T.V. show series called Glee where an athlete who was sought to be completely masculine, aggressive and arrogant bullies the more "feminine" boys in school. The message behind this is that you shouldn't be shameful of who you are and be forced to bully others who are just like you because of your social status, athletic or not.

Who cares if they kiss the same gender
And want to feel an equal love
Why should they ever have to feel judged

Who cares if they choose love, however peculiar it seems
Most did not choose that path
They fear the day their loved ones find out whether or not they will be accepted
How much more with people who barely know them
Judgement has no place amongst people who are equal;
Who desire to share love with another

Because in reality
And beneath the surface
We are not so different – you and I

I was the person everyone thought was cool
I was the person who called out the weaklings of the crowd
I was the person who treated them with shame

I was the person who saw you sit on your own
I was the person who noticed you would wander alone

I was also a person living in fear
Farfetched in social status, but inside; very near

I was the person whose name everyone knew
And like you, I was the person who couldn't let go of who I truly was
I was angry and jealous with how comfortable you were
But only because I couldn't imagine being where you are
If they found out how I prefer him, not her

Now I feel like I have no place here
What is the point of me living in a world of ridicule
Among people who throw words like knives before trying to understand

Because in reality
And beneath the surface
We are not so different – you and I.

Artists: Kurtis Warrican, Justin Obra, Marielle Manganaan
Ages: 17-24