Youth City

My work is about how bullying affects people, it destroys people's lives and those who are bullied hurt. Just as everyone, so people should think before hurting others.

Whenever I look in the mirror
I see darkness
That is extended from my sadness
I notice what what they see when they look at me
The ugly face, the messed up teeth and the nasty skin
Now I realize I just can't win
They look at me and just judge
They call me names, laugh in my face
Whenever I walk down the hall
I hear them call
Cal me fat, stupid, ugly and a loser
They bring tears to my eyes
With all their gossips, which are all lies
I feel invisible, with no soul
I think I have reached a new low
I hate going to school
Which in a way makes me a fool
I hate all of them
Last of all I hate myself
I feel invisible, which in my heart causes me pain
What is the sense of living
If I live to see another day, there will be nothing to gain………………

The anti-bullying message I am talking about is bullying does not affect only the person being bullied, but the person doing the bullying around them because if the person who is being bullied is not strong enough to hold on and fight back and get people to support them, they could take their own life without thinking the pain they keep inside of themselves cloud their thinking and make them do things they don't want to do. The message I want to give is, we can help those who are being bullied by talking to them, smile whenever we see someone, show people sympathy to those who need it, and giving good advice to our friends and people around us about being nice and not judging others without getting to know them first. The little stuff we do could stop bullying and save someone's life. 1 in 2 students experience some form of bullying during school terms. 1 in 10 students in secondary school are bullied more than once or twice in a term, possibly every day. 15-25 children every year commit suicide because they are being bullied. More than a quarter of students get threats while at school and half of the threats have been carried out. Up to 40% of secondary school students feel that their teachers are unaware of the bullying which goes on. 17% of calls to child line are about bullying. For five years running it's been the most common reason people call. More 12 year olds call child line about bullying than any other age group. I pray that people will start helping out without judging, because if we start doing that bullying will become nonexistent.

Artist: Elishia Yeboah-Amoako
Age: 12-16