Youth City

Being a teenager in today's society, we are faced with many obstacles. I decided to do gang violence because it's more common in the lives of young adults in this generation. I had a friend that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and lost his life because of gangs fighting over a neighbourhood. The message of my poem is you cannot give life, so you shouldn't take it either.

Two colors that seem to represent
Why two gangs are fighting, never seems to end
You could be a blood or you could be a crip
Don't know why you're fighting you're just going with the myth

YOLO is the term you only live once
But to take a son from a mother leaves her crying for months
You may say many times that your down for you block
But sometimes you could be just a cheap as talk

In this classroom I sat trying to pretend
What's this life you have for me never seems to end
If God brought you to it
He will bring you through it
For the pain and suffering that you go through
Trying to fit in with a gang that doesn't see the real you

Getting caught up in the world
Turning your back, making your heart go cold
Crying and fighting, pushing and trying only to know that you might fail.

For me to hear that you were caught up in a crime
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Being afraid to stay out late
Because people now a day's start to chose your fate
Innocent or not trynna be a teen
Caught up in a block that has a face so mean
But remember that they have a rep
And all they're out to do is to protect

But what's the price you have to pay
Once you see a real friend never again say
Anything for that matter cause their gone for good
Remember all the times when you both said you could?

Picture how it would feel
To stand over a friend over no big deal
For a gang that moves on in life
Never thinking twice about the ones that were lost fighting for their rights

Artist: Melissa Clarke
Age: 17-24