A Troubled Soul

The poem I wrote was constructed from one of my days sitting in the form and really analyzing the whole concept of the "high school life" and seeing the odds diverted from the even made me want to write. In a short way I was inspired by youth.

Through the eyes of the troubled mind
Entwine with a feeling less divine
That tremors down his spine
Whose life is no more common than mine?
Flowing inside his veins
He shares his thoughts through his pain
That his life parts no sun in the rain
So he becomes insane;
Troubled by what people have told him
As though they know him
Like he can be read like paper, they fold him
Making his boy's dreams shine dim;
Now who are we to tamper with his life?
His path, his journey, should not be controlled
Every insult, splits his passions like a knife
The story of a young boy, whose life was untold;
So be cautious with our words
And be nicer to our friends
Let their voices and thoughts be heard
And every boy going through this can shape into men

Artist: Kyle Bennett
Age: 17-24