Our True World

My poem is about the violence that happens in the war and how the Earth is sad because of the bloodshed.

I am just a bystander floating on a cloud.
The earth is changing all around as the
years go by.
Look at how we hurt one another we sl~ould
love each other.
I look below my little cloud and what
I see frightens me.
The smell of blood and screams of death
What happened to my people?
Let us have peace between our
I started to weep and as I wept the
world wept with me.
I stopped weeping I looked up my face
full of rage.
I've had enough I want this to end and .
with that one word their was peace once
As the sun started to rise I was
falling into a deep sleep until the
peace will be broken once again.
I took one last look at n ~wyo rld
I saw people working together to
help the hurt people.
I chuckled as rest came over me.

Artist: Samantha Pilcher
Age: 17-24