To the Fallen People

I have written a poem about bullying seen through the eyes of the victims. It also expresses a way that it can be prevented.

They tell us we are ugly and will never amount to anything in life.
They make fun of us over and over, the pain like a stab of a knife.
They tell us we're nowhere close to perfect; no matter how hard we try.
They tell us we should kill ourselves and really, what we want to die.

We have gone through so much and have scars, cuts and bruises.
We have lost hope many times; this pain isn't what anyone chooses.
We have been worn down, beat and pushed again and again.
We know it's not enough to write out our thoughts with a pen.

I have gone over the edge and have jumped off the cliff.
I have my hope away so much that I have become stiff.
I have relapsed again and again and have been told to stay strong.
I have attempted suicide once, no more, because I didn't belong.

You then came into my life and told me that we are exactly the same.
You told me you have fallen countless times and that we aren't to blame.
You told me you have tried to end your life and thought all love was untrue.
You told me you have cried, hurt yourself and that you gave up hope too.

Together we become the voices that many have chosen to ignore.
Together we create the majority and are ready to open the door.
Together we are telling society that we are tired of fighting.
Together we will change all the rules and start rewriting.

The bullying will stop because we are no longer alone.

Artist: Catia Aguiar
Age: 17-24