A Ray of Light

One of the most prevalent, perpetual conflicts we face as humans is bullying. Bullying permanently scars an individual, which when accumulated, can lead to suicidal thoughts. When victims of bullying are exposed to perpetual torment, it develops into a conflict that involves everyone who witnesses the suffering, thus, making it our responsibility of supporting one another. My inspiration arises from personal experience, which allows me to connect and relate to a victim of bullying.

Words convert into bullets as they pierce my ears
My heart throbs with enmity as each minute crawls by
Pain is etched into the morose pupils of my eyes
This burning fire is ignited within my soul

I'm searching desperately for the answer to quench the fire that burns my insides
This uncontrollable rage is gradually turning my morals into ashes

Each day I feel the need to shield myself from those unbearable, horrid voices
Each day I see the scars engraved peacefully into my rough, dull skin
Each day I restrain my withered hands from trembling inside my black, tattered gloves
Each day I frantically dream the answer to my shunned question:

When will this horrendous, ongoing cycle end?

Why is it so difficult to laugh with their insolent, audacious jokes?
Why is it so difficult to forget their wounding, impudent remarks?
Why is it so difficult to ignore the ominous expressions on their faces?
Why is it so difficult to stride in the same menacing hallways they use?

Deep down inside there is an insecure, vulnerable voice reaching out:

It's because I am afraid

Grief is an invisible barrier, detaching society with an instinctive shove
Hostility is the bitter retaliation of pine nuts with their repelling aftertaste
Fear is an intuitive, naïve clutch, escaping the perils that hinders existence

Dreams are frivolous fantasies, sauntering like lingering, white ghosts
Goals are far, distant planets, which are impossible to reach
Feelings are vibrant, multi-coloured skittles that burst with bittersweet flavours
Survival is an icy, winding road, cracking spontaneously with no omen

A sparkling set of soft, light brown eyes perforated through my invisible barrier
My invisible barrier had shattered
Pieces of despair and seclusion were gently falling in front of my eyes
A kind touch awakened my vacant senses
A warm sensation of belonging rose within my woeful heart

And at last,

Through the light pitter-patter of the rain I saw a

glimmer of


Artist: Maria Riaz
Age: 17-24