Bullying: The Seeds of Animosity and Misery That Tortures the Soul

My poem is about a boy who struggles with bullying, that deals with by writing a poem to say how it impacts his life, how he solved the issue, he stopping people from being bullied in the future, and why person did it to him. The title is represented ted outlook and emotions of two lives of people who changed by bullying in this poem.

I am the target of a heinous attack. The words of hate spell out through there ridicule and tats. I am weak they say. They say I will comment Suicide. The feelings of being scared, torture my soul to bring fires of hell chains to my death and suffering to destroy what is left of me. I feel small and helpless against their brutal assault. Pain strikes me through the darkness I inhabit. The suffering through their verbal abuse brings shattered tears to my eyes. I say why you will forsake me. Depression is my only friend in this meaningless world because of all the monsters that feed on my torment. Misery is the deepest sadness that lives on black poison of animosity it feeds and controls your body, mind, and sprite in the cave of inhuman actions. Unspeakable horrors are hurting my insides; I am a carcase on the open waters. Where is the help? Where? Fear is the fuel that fuels the beast of 1000 tongues piercing my flesh and savouring every bit calling it a morsel as my screams on mute. I may be afraid but how dare you put this on to me. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. You feed on my insecurity that create the social media, which is a reference to the social higher achy. Death is my friend. There is no time for emotions in the battles of war that scare men's eyes and flesh with memoires of pain. Revenge is my only friend like a gun to its bullets. Social and mental pain brings the memories of pushing me down two flights of stairs with words of pleasure, delight, satisfaction, and gratification in your cruel and merciless eyes that hunt my soul. You feel strong, mainly, and powerful at the expense of my life. A life is scared from the moment of conscription. It feels like you are aborting me like a woman has abortion. Those monsters do not diverse to live. The range and aggressor is no reason for bullying because of your broken home. Broken glass due to your father cruel actions of wiping you with a chain making taste blood, sweat, tears, and fear that pleasures him. Your father the man with a 1000 faces and masks that burn your back with lava rocks and cutting your back with a sword stained in dark poisonous blood. Your abuse was a level of abuse called torture. Cold merciless hands chill you to the bone that shatters a mirror with two sides' fantasy and reality that exist in the mind of a mad man hearing the cries, laugh, fears, and screams crawling in his insides making him insane leaving his eyes are black pieces of coal black as the night sky. I said it and it feels good to say it. I know you better than anyone else. The blazing red crimson flames engulf my body protecting me from inequities of man's blitzfull ignorance. You are savages that have lost your way. Savages with claws of hatred ripping and tearing my flesh of innocents and purity. Toxic poison you feed into my veins through you venomous serpent bite. You feel superior with your barbaric actions, don't you? I speak like an old evil man playing the part of the devil. What I am is really the devil. The animosity you feel toward me has no purpose like the Holocaust. Even through all this horrible behaviour. You create a creature from your seeds of hate. What I learned is to write out how I feel. Now I am angel looking over others to stop bullying. I am at peace. Just know that I forgive you. Remember carry your candle and run to the darkness and let up this world. My thoughts my despair but my actions and words speak louder to stop bullying by encouraging people to do good deeds. The drums of equality beat louder. I am you; you are me and you remember that we are the same. The same!

Artist: Lakota Sturdivan
Age: 12-16