Black Hole

How does youth violence impact you? This is my answer. Hope you like it.

A black hole opens, a weight descends.
The whole world is staring, but you stand by yourself.
They stare and mock, calling names; you glare.
But deep inside you know they don't care.
Still, they mock and mock, you glare and fight back.
Soon your resolve has turned to dust by mere fright.
You crumble and break, the black hole deepens.
Then darkness sneaks in and numbness increases.
No feeling, no pain, what a lovely day.
Until the darkness within you says,
"Come with me and stay."
A temptation too great, you accept your demise.
And suddenly the black hole grows twice its size.
It drowns you inch by inch, until you are neck high.
Finally salvation comes when you sink into the night.

Artist: Venessa D'Souza
Age: 17-24