My inspiration for writing this poem is because lately still school people have been bullying people for their religion and many other things. The person who was being bullied was one of my friends and I didn't want to get involved but I wanted to do something. I didn't do anything but it got worse so I went to the teacher and told her what was happening, she spoke to the bullies and spoke to our class. I was happy it stopped but it still goes on occasionally. But the main reason for me writing this poem is I want people to know what I think of bullying and why it is wrong and why people shouldn't be bullies.

You can feel it in a slap,
You can feel it in a voice,
Inside you it is trapped
Forever, will stick with you, your choice
Your the one who gets to choose
To pick what's wrong and what is right
No one can choose for you
Only help keep you from the fight
You may not understand the pain
Until victim happens to be you
It can hurt inside, the outside too
When you are a bully you have nothing to gain
Learn to say "No"
When you are caught middle
Doesn't have to be big, it can just be little
For the change to grow.

Artist: Emma Solski
Age: 12-16