Stand Up

This poem is about youth getting together and standing up for what is right instead of letting youth violence roam and put fear in people's life.

Stand up and stop standing around
watching the boy or girl being pushed
to the ground.

Stand up and stop acting like your blind
pretending you didn't see someone getting
beat up by three guys.

Stand up and stop closing that zipper
on your mouth
to say nothing about a girl being
pulled out.

Stand up and start using
the great voice you have
letting students know that
we can get our peace and
freedom back.

If we all come together
as one, we can shut
youth violence down.

So stand up, spread the word,
and we can kick youth
violence out of town.

We all have the power to make a positive difference matter who we are or where we are.

Artist: Sheriece Urquhart
Age: 17-24