An Introduction

This is a piece I wrote, trying to illustrate the amount of control we, as humans have over our actions. With the piece, I attempt to open the eyes of all my potential readers, in hopes that everyone can see, that bullying, hatred, and any negative actions are never necessary. I hope that readers of the piece will see, that all we have room for on this planet, as citizens of Brampton, Canada, and all over the world, we should treat each other with respect, be humble and courteous towards each and every person while embracing differences. I truly hope you take my piece into consideration, and I genuinely hope it can open some eyes, and turn some heads in the right direction. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be molded.

These days, apparently I am despised, yet people still seem to invite me over. People find me to be a good solution to any problem; however, many people learn to hate the side effects I present. I'm not sure why, but all the commendations and criticism I receive, I can simply say, are derived specifically from people themselves.

I am the way I am because of you. You have driven me to my endless limits, and you continue to drive me even further. I was once considered a gentleman, maybe even a honourable sport of some sort. There was a time when I would have a structured plan of events, when I had a code of ethics. In my earlier years, I would be called only in certain circumstances.

However, things have changed. Now I am the possessor of immense power. I can grant authority and I can take it away. I can give riches and money and whatever else may be desired. I can also steal it all away.

I can solve petty arguments in the most severe and aggressive fashion, and teach lessons that no one can quite understand until they have dealt with me. All I really need is a spark to ignite the fire. In fact, these days I find that I am much easier to set ablaze. I just need that opportunity to begin the lesson that I teach.

I can destroy enemies. I can also destroy allies. I can even destroy families. Because of me, the bond between brothers can be shattered like fragile glass. I can even make them kill each other. I can drive them to murder, rape, and steal. I can dim the light of love, and extinguish the flame of hope. I can do more than just ruin the lives of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and entire families.

I can force tears out of dry eyes, and I can make people speak bitterness. I can make people struggle and make them teeter and totter on the brink of their very existence. I can tear the finest to shreds, and put the weakest into their own graves. In fact, I can put anyone into his or her grave in a matter of moments.

I can cause chaos and create mushrooms in the sky to turn day to night. I'm always in the heads of those with problems. I can wreak hell in mere moments, and force people into tiny trenches, filled with dirty water and mud. The stench of people themselves and the shit I put them through are ignored because I give them the false promise of glory.

I can ensnare children and put fire in their eyes. I can turn them into little devils that see false images caused by candy. I can surprise anyone at any time. I can pillage a small city or shred a beloved teddy bear. I can steal (a grandmother's) heirloom and take away the dignity of any man or woman. I can make people beg, beg for mercy. In a matter of moments, I can change the lives of millions of people. I can cause ripple effects through every country on the planet.

I can destroy our mother, the Earth. The trees and mountains and rivers and plains we all once shared, I can turn into a barren wasteland or hole. I can destroy people, nature, love, and even life itself.

I used to be a gentleman, but now I'm more than any monster. I'm not the Boogieman or Frankenstein. I'm not God, and I'm more than any disaster. I'm beyond powerful and destructive. I am not a supernatural power, but I am more than an immovable object or unstoppable force. I'm so messed up that I'm incomprehensible. I don't think I understand myself. I am after all, your creation.

Oh, allow me to apologize. I still have not properly introduced myself. It is pleasing to make your acquaintance, though you may not agree. My name is War.

Artist: Aamir Husainy
Age: 17-24