Honourable Aggression

My poem addressed the issue of dating violence. The protagonist of my poem is a young man who presents a solution to abusing his girlfriend. Basically, he learns that trying to eradicate his aggression is much less effective than channelling it in a healthy manner, like boxing.

Anger and aggression aren't always bad,
But maybe that perspective is what makes me mad.

Is it crazy to think that my theory may work?
Or have I permitted the violence to lurk.

The way that I see it, my plan is quite easy;
It allows me to rage without feeling queasy.

Just like someone who's concerned with their weight,
I have found my own sort of a Coffee Mate.

A simple substitution is all I suggest,
In order for habits to be put to their rest.

It's not like it's simple to manage my craving,
But I often just think of the tears that I'm saving.

Rather than lashing her skin, soft and supple,
I now strike at objects with no screams to muffle.

Her cries were frantic and her tears were unnerving,
Luckily I've stopped hurting the frail undeserving.

With help from a bag, made of pig skin and filling,
I've discovered a habit that's nearly as thrilling.

Like wine through a funnel that flows as it may,
I have channelled my anger to act the right way.

My darling is safe now, indeed she's just fine.
Thanks to the habit that keeps me in line.

There is no assertion in hitting the weak;
It's really just power that I aimed to seek.

Without even thinking, I crushed my dear flower.
What I never knew was restraint could mean power.

It takes self-control to earn one's love,
That's why I respect my one precious dove.

My past may be harsh and my actions oppressive,
But now I can say that I'm honourable aggressive.

I am tired of getting hurt
People swearing at me as i go
Most kids laugh
Most kids hate
I really hate being bullied

Most kids say "I'm not pretty"
Most kids say "I don't have a brain"
People looking at me with funny looks
I hate what they do to me

People listen to me I have a voice too
My voice is heard don't you see
I am speaking for me
I am speaking for others
I am speaking for victims who got hurt or teased
Now you have heard my voice hear me now
I have a voice and that's my choice

Speak up and tell someone
Speak up and get your voice heard!
We can do it!

Artist: Bianca Caramento
Age: 17-24