Speak Up and Tell Someone

'Speak up and Tell Someone' is a poem about bullying and how you can stop it.

Speak Up and Tell Someone

I am tired of getting hurt
People swearing at me as i go
Most kids laugh
Most kids hate
I really hate being bullied

Most kids say "I'm not pretty"
Most kids say "I don't have a brain"
People looking at me with funny looks
I hate what they do to me

People listen to me I have a voice too
My voice is heard don't you see
I am speaking for me
I am speaking for others
I am speaking for victims who got hurt or teased
Now you have heard my voice hear me now
I have a voice and that's my choice

Speak up and tell someone
Speak up and get your voice heard!
We can do it!

Artist: Emily Joudrey
Age: 12-16