So Much More

This is what I would say to anyone who feels worthless because of youth violence: you are valuable, loved, and important. You were meant for so much more than what people say.

She sees herself through a broken window
Reflecting against the glass
All the bruises, real and invisible
Every scar of the past
She doesn't know, she's never heard
That she is more than hateful words
Broken hearts and empty eyes
But I want her to realize

You are not how they treat you
You are not what their hands do
Don't let their words define you
You were meant for so much more
Even when you feel worthless
You are precious and priceless
Don't give up, we can fight this
You were meant for so much more

He sits alone in the darkness, crying
Living each day afraid
He has to face the world all alone
Could living be a mistake?
He doesn't know, he's never seen
That love is not a foolish dream
A disappointment, built on lies
But I want him to realize


If you need to hear this
If you're feeling hopeless
If you just can't hold on
Open up your heart and let truth in


You were meant for so much more

Artist: Laura Chambers
Age: 17-24